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Sigma Fast ZM

Speed and versatility

Sigma Fast ZM is a CNC gantry machining centre, which is an extended version of the SIGMA FAST machine. The element that distinguishes these CNC machines is the automatic system for loading and unloading the workpieces. While maintaining all the advantages of the basic structure, the FAST ZM version is equipped with a double (separate for each table) warehouse of prefabricated elements. The infeed and receiving system is supplemented by special pneumatic grippers mounted on the table beams, used to pick up elements, keep them during processing and return the already processed ones to the receiving part of the magazine. The opening range of the grippers and their position is adjustable in three directions, which enables fully automatic processing of both straight and curved elements.

5-axis Sigma Fast ZM machining centre is used for the production of chairs, tables, beds, stairs, elements of garden architecture, as well as – moulds, models, etc., products not only made of wood but also soft metals and plastics.

Three modes of operation – adapt the machine to the current production needs

The use of an automatic magazine significantly increases production efficiency, because the exchange of workpieces is performed automatically – without unnecessary downtime. The described equipment does not limit the possibilities of the machine tool and machining only to the automatic mode. If it is necessary to process items whose dimensions or shape prevent the use of an automatic magazine, it is possible to move its segments to the sides and operate the machine manually. Prefabricated products can then be fed to grippers or other, individually matched machining holders, directly – manually by the CNC operator.

MSGTP Ltd. FANUM - Sigma Fast ZM
MSGTP Ltd. FANUM - Sigma Fast ZM
MSGTP Ltd. FANUM - Sigma Fast ZM

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