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Carpentry Machining Centers

For large carpentry tasks

Carpentry CNC machines, sometimes also referred to as “carpentry robots“, were created for typical carpentry works, with a view of supporting manufacturers of wooden houses (prefabricated houses), regardless of whether it is the production of wall elements, roofs (roof trusses), or other large-size structural elements. CNC carpentry machines are used for quick and precise cutting and processing (including milling, drilling, marking, tenoning) of wooden elements, trusses and timber frame buildings (posts, foundations, etc.).

Carpentry CNC machines from our offer, like other machine tools, work with any CAD/CAM software on the market, dedicated to carpentry processing. The selection of the appropriate CNC software should depend on the profile of the expected production, the intuitiveness of programming, the quality of the generated machine code, and the preferences of programmers.

MSGTP Ltd.- Kairos



Perfect for GLULAM, manufacturers of houses and wooden structures

Kairos is an innovative and high-tech machine for processing the structural beams, roofs, ceilings and walls of timber houses: a market niche in constant and positive evolution. The machine ensures design and performance standards capable of convincing even the most demanding market operators.

MSGTP Ltd. - Alfa



CNC Carpentry Centre for the Production of Timber Frame Houses

Alfa CNC carpentry robot features 7 interpolated axes and a very heavy gate with extremely high stiffness. The support moves along the gate with a swivel-tilt cutting and milling head. Alfa has a full mechanized workpiece transport system: a feeding table, a lenght feed unit, and a receiving table.

MSGTP Ltd. FANUM - Kappa



CNC Carpentry Line - Machine Tool for the Production of Wooden Structures

Kappa CNC carpentry line with a total of 11 interpolated axes and equipped with two processing heads. Thanks to this configuration, Kappa has a much higher work efficiency than single-head machines. It has a fully automatic loading and unloading system with storage for prefabricated and finished parts.

MSGTP Ltd.- Atlas



5-axis CNC Carpentry Centre for CLT and Large-Size Machining

Atlas 5-axis CNC carpentry machining centre is designed for the production of prefabricated (modular) houses, regardless of whether it is the production of wall elements, arches, roof structures (roof trusses) or other large-size structural elements of halls, architectural construction with arches and curves.