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Maximize your productivity

Our woodworking machines are ideal for all types of jobs.

High-precision CNC machines are perfect for cutting & shaping in all types of wood or wood-based materials. They preserve immaculate performance in complex carving, drilling, routing & 3D modelling operations. Machines stand out by their sturdy construction coupled with a heavy base. Thanks to these features, they’re able to process custom beams or elements of almost any desired size, shape, and joint. What’s more, the machines have wide customization options. Certain ones are versatile enough, so you can use them with plastic composite materials too.

Our diverse range of sawmills corresponds with the needs of individual enthusiasts and complex industrial clients. Built with rock-solid construction guarantee reliability and the highest quality of cut for many years ahead.

We pride ourselves to be experts in wood jointing technology, offering alternative solutions to these currently present on the UK market. We have machines for every pocket, big or small!

In addition to that, we offer a wide selection of complex machines dedicated to the holistic production of doors & windows and more traditional industrial machines for woodworking, i.e. cross-cut, beam & panel saws, wood optimizers, wood finishing machines, and many more.

Get familiar with our selection of powerful Woodworking Machines below.


Woodworking CNC Machines

CNC machines for nesting, chairs, stairs, windows, doors and more

Machining centres suitable for every kind of small and large jobs. Explore the range of CNC nesting machines, CNC routers and 3, 4, 5-axis centres for a wide variety of tasks. The solutions we offer serve their purpose in the production of furniture, doors & windows, stairs, elements of houses and wooden structures and many more.

Wood Cutting Machines


Crosscut & Optimisation

Saws for crosscutting, optimization and defect removing

Our offer includes panel saws for cutting wood-based sheets, band saws (in various configurations), optimizing saws, defect cutters, etc. We also help with the automation of cutting and stacking processes. We’re offering only the best and well-proven equipment from leading European manufacturers.

Finger Jointers


Finger Jointing Lines

Horizontal and vertical jointing

This solution will definitely add more value to your production by eliminating your wood waste. In other words, it saves you money. It enables the utilization of wood offcuts by gluing them together and, at the same time, keeping all advantages of a typical wood board.  Our suppliers have unquestionably mastered this technology.


Carpentry CNC Machines

CNC solutions for solid wood, roof trusses & timber frame

Our carpentry CNC machining centres (“carpentry robots“) were created for typical carpentry works. Suitable for manufacturing wooden houses (prefabricated), regardless of whether it is the production of wall elements, roofs, or any other large-size structural elements. Perfect for CLT & LVL panels also.

Window Frame Technology


Window Frames Technology

Tenoning, profiling & CNC centres

We offer machines that can be adapted to your needs. For larger plants, we recommend specialized angular centres that will meet the toughest requirements. For plants wanting to maximally increase their production capacity, we have fully automated machining centres, to reduce the need for a workforce.




Novel technology for the highest quality

In this section, you will find machines for widely understood finishing by abrasion. We offer machines for sanding and denibbing, grinding profiles, flat surfaces and ageing in order to achieve a rustic wood effect. These solutions are energy & manpower saving and ensuring higher safety at work.




Small, medium and large sawmills

Our range includes horizontal and vertical sawmills. Tough saws and rigid machines suitable for commercial use as well as individual enthusiasts.  All machines come in various configuration options, some are available in fully portable versions. We also offer a full range of bandsaws maintenance equipment.

MSGTP provides comprehensive machine service on every stage of machines life. Our fully qualified and experienced Service Engineers will take good care of your machine. We will make every effort to ensure that with us, you enhance your production capabilities, minimize operating costs and reduce unnecessary service visits.

We firmly believe that our solid approach, diligence, and true passion allow us to gain Clients’ trust and their satisfaction for years and beyond.