Horizontal Sawmills

Machines for small and medium-sized industries

We proudly represent 2 Polish leading horizontal sawmills manufacturers – BOLDREW and WIREX. Both companies, for over 30 years have been leading domestic producers of woodworking machines based solely on band saw applications. The efficiency and reliability of their products have been confirmed with numerous prizes and medals both in Poland and internationally.

Our horizontal sawmills and devices offer a wide range of advantages, such as:
  • low cost of installation and preparation of place where it is meant to operate
  • power supply for the devices is very low, so there is no need for a transformer station,
  • instant operation on the machine right after installation
  • better quality of sawn timber in comparison to traditional frame sawmills
  • decreased waste amount.
MSGTP Ltd. Wirex - CZ-1 Small


Wirex - CZ-1/U Mini

Max. log diameter 800 mm

CZ-1 U Mini is a simplified machine without hydraulic elements but with an electrical feed. It is a perfect solution for lumber mills that process medium-sized wood.

MSGTP Ltd. Wirex - CZ-1 Small


Wirex - CZ-1 Small

Max. log diameter 800 mm

CZ-1 Small is designed for clients who occasionally process small amounts of wood for their own use. Simplified design, no hydraulic elements or electrical feed.

MSGTP Ltd. A -1200 Standard


Boldrew - A 1200 Standard

Max. log diameter 1000 mm

A 1200 Standard in its basic version has manual log handling. It can be upgraded with hydraulic components according to your needs and budget.

MSGTP Ltd. A -1200 Plus


Boldrew - A 1200 Plus

Max. log diameter 1000 mm

A-1200 Plus is equipped with a full hydraulic package and available with different configurations and extras to fully respond to your requirements.

MSGTP Ltd. A -1200 Z


Boldrew - A 1200 Z

Max. log diameter 1000 mm

A-1200 Z  is a more capable and automated machine equipped with a full hydraulic package and board removal system. Available with various extras and options.

MSGTP Ltd. Wirex - CZ-1/ZM


Wirex - CZ-1/ZM

Max. log diameter 1000 mm

CZ-1/ZM main advantage is the versatility of the application. A wide range of optional equipment allows to flexibly adapt the sawmill to the required working profile.

MSGTP Ltd. Wirex - CZ-1/WZM


Wirex - CZ-1/WZM

Max. log diameter 1000 mm

CZ-1/WZM developed in cooperation with long-term customers is a response to market requirements for an industrial sawmill that works faster is more efficient.

MSGTP Ltd. Wirex - CZ-1 Big


Wirex - CZ-1 BIG

Max. log diameter 1300 mm

CZ-1 Big sawmill designed to process round wood of any length with diameter up to 1300 mm. Equipped with a powerful motor and planking controller.

MSGTP Ltd. A -1200 Big


Boldrew - A 1200 BIG

Max. log diameter 1500 mm

A -1200 Big is equipped with a planking ISP-10 controller as standard and a full hydraulic package. Thanks to its design, it can be operated by one person.

MSGTP Ltd. Wirex - CZ-2


Wirex - CZ-2

2 cutting heads x 5,5 kW

CZ-2 is designed to process two- or three-sided flitches into planks or scantlings. The machine may be a substitute for a multi rip saw when cutting pallet planks.

MSGTP Ltd. Wirex - CZ-3


Wirex - CZ-3

3 cutting heads x 5,5 kW

CZ-3 intended for processing piles of two or three sides exposed or cutting into boards or square timber. It also replaces the circular saw when cutting pallet boards.

MSGTP Ltd. Wirex - Horizontal Line


Wirex - Sawmill Production Line

Complex Automated Horizontal Sawmill

Tailor-made production sawmill line has numerous advantages – i.e. a decrease in production costs. It’s a system that perfectly fits your company.

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