Sigma L

A new level of performance - Industry 4.0

Sigma L is an industrial CNC machining centre designed for high-performance processing of furniture boards, furniture fronts and furniture elements. The CNC machine is designed for cutting and cutting Alucobond boards, Dibond boards, composite boards, facade boards, polypropylene boards, PU model boards, wood-based boards (MDF, HPL, OSB, plywood, chipboard).

This specialized CNC machine is equipped with modern, multiplied machining units consisting of the main spindle with its own tool magazine and a drilling unit with a saw. Each working unit is equipped with an independent Z-axis. The units can be mechanically coupled together in the X-axis or work independently.

Sigma L has been equipped with two universal vacuum raster tables allowing for quick assembly of prefabricated components and reception of finished parts. The machine operates in alternating mode; during machining in the first work area, components are mounted in the second.

In order to improve the process of mounting the components, pneumatic base motors were used throughout the tables. A worktable of 2200×2200 [mm] allows simultaneous assembly and processing of several furniture fronts during one working cycle.

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