Sigma Fast

Stairs / Chairs / Tables

Sigma Fast machining centre has 6 interpolated axes. It is designed for the fast and efficient processing of 3-dimensional bodies mounted on templates. The innovative approach to CNC machine design resulted in a compact design that can be used anywhere.  Sigma Fast machines parts of chairs, tables, stairs, and even 3-dimensional models. Two independent tables allow continuous operation without stoppages when mounting/removing workpieces. Machining head with compact construction allows effective machining of components with complicated shapes.

Specially designed work tables may be fitted with folded guards. This guarantees the best possible protection for the most important machine parts such as the drive system and cable guides.

To guarantee comprehensive machining of the workpiece, the machine can be equipped with a drilling unit working on the independent Z-axis or pneumatically lowered into the working area.

The machine’s gantry system guarantees perfect rigidity and the ability to process 3-dimensional components from even five sides at one mounting!

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