Sigma Dual

Innovation forged through performance

Sigma Dual CNC machining centre has 10 or 12 axes of interpolation and a compact gantry construction. Thanks to the use of multi-spindle heads it is possible to accelerate the machining times of workpieces machined with different tools. Sigma Fast ZM can be used for manufacturing parts of chairs, tables, beds, stairs, moulds and models. The machine is equipped with two independent tables with beams.  Linear X-axes are driven by toothed rails to allow quicker and quieter machine operation.

Two 5-axis universal heads allow simultaneous processing of complicated workpieces in two working areas or independent production of two different components. Thanks to the solutions applied to the machine, it doubles the performance of a standard 5-axis centre.

The machine is equipped with special brushes for scraping the dust created during the machining into channels located in the base of the work tables. This solution allows the use of a de-dusting system that does not restrict access of 5-axis heads to the workpiece.

Sigma Dual is a universal 5-axis CNC wood milling machine, perfect for furniture production.

The wide range of processed materials allows it to be used also in other industrial sectors, in a mass-production system, as a 5-axis CNC milling machining centre:

–  in model making – CNC milling of injection moulds, foundry moulds and 3D models,

– in automotive and railways – for milling composite laminates (elements of plating and equipment, van and truck building, locomotives and wagons).

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