Omega VT

Reliability and flexibility at a reasonable price

5-axis CNC machining centre Omega VT is a universal portal machine, intended for the production of wooden and aluminum joinery (doors, windows), stairs, furniture (wooden kitchens), wooden boxes, and other products made of solid and glued wood, wood-based materials, aluminum, and plastics. Omega VT CNC milling machine is available in many-dimensional versions and components of assemblies/equipment packages, a kind of very popular design of this type of CNC machine tools.

Omega VT machining centre can be equipped with several types of machining heads, depending on the intended use of the milling machine. You can choose between heads: orthogonal (rotary axes “A” and “C” are mutually perpendicular here) and cardanic – with inclined rotary axis “A”. The longitudinal movement of the working head is always driven by two CNC systems working in parallel – servo drives on both sides of the machine portal.

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