Produce chairs and tables more efficiently

Beta is a 6-axis CNC centre for the machining of components for chairs, tables, and furniture. Machine’s construction (with a movable column) allows smooth machining of many types of workpieces, and in conjunction with the optional rotating tables – free approach to five sides of a workpiece.

Z-axis load compensation system used significantly increases the service life and fault tolerance of the machine.

Construction of this CNC machine based on a sliding column and a machining head. The vertical rotary axis is particularly useful in multiaxial machining of arched parts of chairs. The use of additional rotary tables makes Beta a very versatile machine.

Rotary tables

CNC machine can be equipped with an optional rotary table allowing smooth 3-dimensional component machining from even five sides. Its special construction, equipped with folded guards, provides the best protection for the most important machine parts, such as the drive system and cable guides.

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