Finger Jointing Process

Reduce your wood waste with our finger jointing lines

The line for wood joining in the single-shredder version consists of two basic components: (1) a milling-tenoning machine where the face of the slats is processed and (2) the presses for joining the length. The elements are joined into a strip up to 6.2 m long with the possibility of programming up to 8 cuts dividing it into sections of lengths introduced by the service. The presented configuration of the machine allows for a maximum capacity of up to 3,880 m per shift. The modular structure of the line allows for a simple expansion to a two-shredder system. The line control system is built on the basis of microprocessor controllers, it enables flexible adjustment of operating parameters to the user’s needs. The device enables the processing of “calzing” elements as well as, after equipping the feeding-receiving table with an overturning system, elements for the production of countertops (joined “on a line”). The receiving table with automatic feeding of the slats onto the press introducing conveyor enables the line to be operated by one employee feeding the elements. The line operates in an automatic cycle with manual material feeding. The components of the line can be assembled in various (agreed with the recipient) configurations, adapting the machine to the user’s local conditions.