Machines for special tasks

CNC 2D 3D 5D milling of moulds and models (large-size) is one of the most advanced operations in the field of CNC machining. The production of a precise mould that meets high-quality expectations requires high qualifications and advanced technologies. FANUM designed multifunctional and reliable 5-axis CNC milling machines with parameters that distinguish them in the CNC machine tool industry.

Machining – CNC milling of 3D and 5D moulds and models on our high-precision milling machines with a large working range, ensures the production of the most complex models from solid aluminum, MDF, HDF, wood, styrodur, NECURON foam in all sizes (large-size) and with full reproduction of 3D documentation.

We offer the following precision CNC machine tools:

– 3 and 4 axis milling plotters,
– 5-axis machining centers
– 3-5-axis milling machines

With these machines we’re addressing companies from the following industries:

– plastics processing
– automotive – bodyworks, car tuning, body parts, and accessories manufacturing
– sanitary – bathroom fittings, bathtubs, shower trays, washbasins makers
– shipyard – yachts, sailing boats, and motorboats building
– modeling – milling of 3D models, injection and casting molds, thermoforming cutting

MSGTP Ltd. Sigma ST


Sigma ST

Moulds / Models / Aluminium / Composites

Sigma ST is a gantry-type CNC machine with compact machining heads. As a standard, has two movable tables, allowing for efficient alternating of machining. It’s possible to work on joined tables, with a very large effective working area. Also, the machine can be equipped with a compact linear magazine mounted on the gantry.

MSGTP Ltd. Lambda ST 5-axis CNC machine


Lambda ST

Moulds / Models / Aluminium / Composites

Lambda ST 5-axis interpolated machining centre is designed for machining of 3D parts such as moulds & models, parts for chairs, furniture, stairs, etc.  The concept of this machine tool using a fixed table with a solid work surface and mobile gantry is ideal for processing complex moulds & models that require very high accuracy.

MSGTP Ltd. Lambda GT 5-axis CNC machine


Lambda GT

Moulds / Models / Aluminium / Composites

Lambda GT is a 5-axis CNC machining centre designed for heavy and complex 3D machining of casting models, moulds or polymer composites. An innovative double mobile portal ensures high machine rigidity that allows efficient machining of aluminum alloys, plastics and wood while maintaining the surfaces in excellent quality.

MSGTP Ltd. Lambda MT CNC for carbon


Lambda MT

Moulds / Models / Aluminium / Composites

Lambda MT is a 5-axis machining centre with innovative mobile bridge construction. The optional full housing of the processing area, allows for a clean production hall while processing dusty materials. The use of split loading doors together with a removable partition allows for highly efficient alternating work.

MSGTP Ltd. Trio VT CNC center for chemically agressive materials


Trio VT

Designed to work with chemically agressive materials

Trio VT machining centre is dedicated for the machining of moulds and models as well as other solid components made from chemically aggressive materials such as hardened plaster. It is also used in the efficient processing of composites, plastics, and light metals and wood-based materials such as MDF and plywood.

MSGTP Ltd. Delta CNC Machine



Moulds / Models / Aluminium / Composites

Delta is a 5-axis gantry machine with a large single work table. Depending on the purpose and the specific needs of the customer, different types of heads, machining spindles, and machine tables are offered. The centre can be used to produce parts for chairs, tables, beds, stairs, baths, billboards, moulds & models.