Simultaneous processing of 3D elements - moulds & models

Our array of CNC machines for plastic covers high-performance CNC machining solutions. These multi-axis CNC machines perform all kind of machining operations, that is: cutting, milling, drilling, measurements materials such as:

– carbon composites
– polyester laminates
– polyurethane foam
– other popular plastics such as polyamides, polycarbonates (PC), PET, POM-C, PEEK, PMMA, ABS, HI-MACS, CORIAN, STARON

Full processing of plastics on a single mounting on a CNC machine using simultaneously 5 interpolated axes is a guarantee of repeatability and the highest quality details.

Get familiar with our selection of CNC Machines for Plastic below.



CNC Machines for Moulds and Models

Simultaneous processing of 3D elements

In this category, we present machines configured in such a way as to facilitate the most efficient production of complex elements, such as injection or blow moulds, laminate moulds, and various models of complex elements. These machines can be used in aerospace, automotive, yachts, sailing boats, and motorboats building, etc.



Special CNC Machines

For exceptional works

The machines included in the offer below are very hard to assign to a strict category. This is because they are suitable for processing many types of materials, especially for the processing or large-sized moulds and models for the yacht-, boat- and shipbuilding industries, renewable energy space, automotive & aerospace.

MSGTP provides comprehensive machine service on every stage of machines life. Our fully qualified and experienced Service Engineers will take good care of your machine. We will make every effort to ensure that with us, you enhance your production capabilities, minimize operating costs and reduce unnecessary service visits.

We firmly believe that our solid approach, diligence, and true passion allow us to gain Clients’ trust and their satisfaction for years and beyond.