( Ø 560 / L 1425 )

TUG-56MN lathe has been designed as a universal, two-axis numerically controlled chuck and center lathe with a turret head or a post with hand tools. The design of the lathe based on a classic flat bed allows you to fit a disk-type detail with a diameter of up to 560 mm. At the same time, the lathe allows for turning long details up to 1500mm in centers. A large spindle bore and the use of a through chuck allow for processing from a bar with a diameter of up to 75 mm (option up to 105 mm). The general stiffness of the bed, slides, and turret head or post allows machining with excessive cutting parameters using modern cutting tools.
The manual work option available in the offered control systems gives a unique opportunity to quickly deploy experienced turners to work on a numerically controlled machine.

Design assumptions of the lathe

The construction of Afm TUG-56MN series lathes is based on a rigid, 2-guideway bed, cast of gray cast iron. The longitudinal support guiding solution is based on a hybrid system of longitudinal guides. The front guide carrying the main load is a rolling guide that guarantees high accuracy, while the rear guide is a classic sliding guide, the important task of which is to dampen any vibrations during machining.
The cross slide is guided on two guideways.
The drives of the “X” and “Z” axes are transmitted from the feed motors by precision ground ball screws with preload to compensate for backlash.
The tailstock is run on independent sliding guides – one V-shaped and one flat, located between the guides of the longitudinal support. The tailstock clamp on the guides is always manual. As standard, the quill ejection is manual, at the customer’s request it can be performed with a hydraulic actuator.
The tailstock slide guides are also used to attach steady rests when turning long shafts.
If the machine is intended for shield-type works and machining on large diameters, it is possible to use a two-speed reducer (1: 1; 1: 4) in the main drive chain, which allows for a fourfold increase in the torque on the spindle. When using a reducer, the spindle speeds are infinitely adjustable in two ranges.
It is possible to equip the machine with an 8-position automatic tool head with a tool disc with direct clamping or the VDI 30 system. The use of a tool head facilitates work in operations requiring many tools, but due to the relatively large dimensions of the head, it limits the maximum turning diameter to 300mm .
Considering that the TUG-56MN lathes are often used by our customers for various non-standard works in tool shops or prototypes, we have developed a solution for them that allows us to use both options interchangeably, the quick-change tool holder and the head.
Both the clamp and the head with the electric quick-connector system are mounted on replaceable stands, which allow them to be quickly placed on the cross slide. After replacement, it is enough to select the appropriate parameter in the control system and the machine will recognize the system with a post or a tool head.

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