NPF 120N - Two-sided centering machine

( Ø 130 / L 1200 or 2000 )

For Shafts & Sleeves

NPF-120N centering and turning machine by Afm is designed for highly efficient double-sided machining of faces and ends of parts such as “rollers” and “sleeves” in the following operations: forehead planning, making center points, coated with short rollers, drilling holes, boring holes, external and internal chamfering.


NPF-120N has a short changeover time, which enables cost-effective machining of parts produced in medium and large series.
The work of the machine tool consists of the simultaneous processing of the ends of the workpiece by means of multi-blade tool heads mounted on the spindle ends of the machining units, which are driven by an electric motor via a multi-groove belt allowing for quiet and vibration-free operation of the machine, and the feed movement is carried out by AC motors with step-less speed control.

The motor drive is transmitted directly to the rolling screws.
This machine works in an automatic cycle, and only activities related to inserting the object into the vice and removing it after machining are done manually.


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