Reliability and precision at an affordable price

MSGTP endorses high performing CNC Machines for metal manufactured by AFM Defum. In this section you will find CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Machines, CNC Vertical Lathes and Special Machines too, such as CNC Centering Machines. While the whole selection is available in various control options, it can be also tailored specifically to individual needs. Without a doubt, these versatile tools will satify even the most demanding Clients.

AFM Defum (Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn S.A.) belongs to the group of the oldest Polish machine building companies. Established in 1946, has been a leading Polish manufacturer of CNC Machines for Metal works for over 70 years.

Get familiar with our selection of CNC Machines and Specialized Machinery for Metal below.



CNC Lathes

The range of turning machines

We present a wide selection of CNC Machines, including advanced Turning Equipment. Universal CNC Lathes are used in almost every field of industry. Reliability, long-life, failure-free – these are the key features of innovative, high-precision AFM Defum Lathes. All CNC Lathes available in the MSGTP range have a solid structure based on a very stable, cast iron frame. This, without reservation, guarantees the overall most effective processing of elements and high quality outcomes. Thanks to these CNC Machines, you will improve your production processes and save much time. If you, therefore, are interested in CNC Lathes for metal works – choose AFM by MSGTP! Important to realize, AFM Defum makes not only CNC Lathes for metal, but also for plastics.



CNC Milling Machines

The range of vertical centers

In this category you will see several models of CNC Milling Machines. This selection allows you to adjust the type of machine to the specific requirements of your production. Thus, you will receive equipment that meets all your expectations. No more uselss and expensive accesories! All CNC Vertical Centers available in the MSGTP range have a structure based on a very stable cast iron frame, which guarantees the best possible way of processing elements. What’s more, each CNC Milling Machine is equipped with an easy-to-use and intuitive CNC control system (Fanuc / Siemens / Mitsubishi ), distinguished by its ergonomic and unique design.

METAL / Laser and Plasma Cutting



Sheet Metals Cutting

Fast, precise and affordable

Here we present our offer of laser cutters. Our array includes Metal-Technika devices. These machines have extremly solid and stable bodies made using modern polymer concrete technology. Furthermore, the combination of the head installed on a carbon fiber traverse beam, is a big step towards improving the damping of machining vibrations in conditions of high machining dynamics. The use of an autofocus head and fiber optic resonators of various powers (from the renowned IPG company and Mitsubishi drives) puts these cutters at the forefront of cutting machines available on the British market.

METAL / Aluminium Machining



Aluminium Machining

Specialized CNC centers designed for aluminium machining

In this section, we present our offer of machine tools designed to support aluminium processing industries. Our machines are suitable wherever it is very important to keep high-performance machining while maintaining the highest quality. Machines from our offer will easily satisfy the most demanding sectors, e.g.  energy, automotive or aerospace industries.

MSGTP provides comprehensive machine service on every stage of machines life. Our fully qualified and experienced Service Engineers will take a good care of your machine. We will make every effort to ensure that with us, you enhance your production capabilities, minimize operating costs and reduce unnecessary service visits.

We firmly believe that our solid approach, diligence and true passion allow us to gain Clients trust and, more importanty, their satisfacion for years and beyond.