Laser and Plasma Cutting

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Here we present our offer for CNC laser and plasma cutting by Metal-Technika. MT is a well-established company, operating for more than 10 years on the Polish market.  Their CNC machines have extremely solid and stable bodies made using unique polymer concrete technology. Furthermore, the combination of the head installed on a carbon fiber traverse beam is a big step towards improving the damping of machining vibrations in conditions of high machining dynamics. The use of an autofocus head and fiber optic resonators of various powers (from IPG and Mitsubishi drives) puts these machines at the forefront of CNC laser and plasma cutting machines available on the British market.

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MSGTP Ltd. MT - Easy Cut



Easy Cut - Fiber Laser

Workspace 1500 x 3000, 6 kW with a diode source and supplying a laser beam with a Nd-doped fiber

The EasyCut machine uses a hybrid body construction – a new solution available on the market. This allows dampening vibrations 40% more effectively when compared with steel bodies. Standard bodies are made of steel, cast iron, or polymer concrete. Here, the hybrid of steel and polymer concrete allows for higher speeds and more precise positioning than the typical annealed steel body.

MSGTP Ltd. MT - Future Cut



Future Cut - Fiber Laser

Workspace 2100 x 4100, 6 kW with a diode source and supplying a laser beam with a Nd-doped fiber

Options for using fiber installation and modular energy consumption compared to a CO2 laser are increased by 60%. The use of a polymer concrete body eliminates the turbulence of the magnetic field. In addition, vibrations have been reduced to a minimum. This results in an increase in the machine’s operating parameters.  Precitec’s cutting head – the head is adapted to extreme driving speeds.

MSGTP Ltd. MT - WPA CNC Plasma Table



WPA - Plasma Cutting Table

Workspace 2000 x 3000 and the possibility of attaching 2 working heads

Two independent supports can work separately or cooperate with each other. In a situation where one of the supports has a plasma torch, the other gas, you can work with the plasma torch with one click of the button. You can start gas-burning thicker material placed on the table, and return to plasma burning. In the case of burning with two gas burners, the burners can work independently of each other and/or cooperate with each other.

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