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Quality machines for unprecedented results

We are excited to present our selection of powerful and highly versatile machines for woodworking, aluminum machining and plastic/composites processing. We’ve chosen the solutions that are genuinely top-class when it comes to performance. Our Products significantly exceed expectations in delivering excellent results, day-to-day operation and easiness in maintenance. 

We’ve got machines suitable for small and medium businesses, large enterprises, as well as individual enthusiasts. Our solutions work well for one-off items, batch series as well as high volume mass production.  

The selection of our woodworking machines will certainly address the needs of even the most demanding manufacturers. Including, but not limited to timber traders, sawmill and forestry industry, kitchen and furniture makers, manufacturers of stairs or floors, doors & windows industry, or companies working in the wide timberframe or passivhaus space. Certainly, those that are making all wooden structures in general.

Our machines for aluminium machining are a perfect fit for doors & fenestration industry and will easily satisfy the most demanding sectors of the energy, automotive, and aerospace industries. The range of CNC machine tools and aluminium saws is suitable wherever it is very important to high-performance aluminium milling or cutting while maintaining the highest possible quality.

If you’re working with plastic elements or any type of composite material, thanks to our CNC machines for plastics processing you can make precise moulds, forms and models. With this range of products, we are specifically targeting yachts & boat building industries, bathroom fittings producers, injection moulds makers, motorsport and medical devices industry. These machines are also ideal for 3D modeling used for making castings in all types of materials.

Our Products speak for themselves. Check our detailed offer below.



CNC Machining & Classic Machines

The range includes CNC as well as joinery machines, sawmills, finger jointers and more conventional woodworking machinery. We’ve got solutions for stairs makers, doors and fenestration industry, furniture manufacturers, machines for carpentry or timber-frame erectors, glulam and x-lam constructions and many more.




CNC and Manual Machines

We have a comprehensive offer of CNC machines to support aluminium processing industries. Our range includes also more traditional aluminium mitre saws and other single-unit machines. These solutions are suitable wherever it is very important to keep high-performance machining while maintaining the highest quality.



Plastic & Composites

Range of 5-axis CNC Machines

5-axis CNC machines for plastics & composites processing. Solutions ideal for yacht building, automotive, cast-making, motorsport, medical devices and other industries where precision, speed & highest reliability are required. We also have machines with large working space or able to deal with chemically agressive materials.

We can also offer metal, stone and glass processing machines, so if you’re in the precision engineering industry or manufacture custom kitchen countertops, glass structures, stone interior elements or simply want to cut large stone blocks, we’ll definitely find something for you – please send your enquiries to info@msgtp.co.uk

MSGTP provides comprehensive machine service on every stage of machines life. Our fully qualified and experienced Service Engineers will take good care of your machine. We will make every effort to ensure that with us, you enhance your production capabilities, minimize operating costs and reduce unnecessary service visits.

We firmly believe that our solid approach, diligence and true passion allow us to gain Clients’ trust and, more importantly, their satisfaction for years and beyond.