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Our Trusted Industrial Parnters

We supply machinery from leading European manufacturers, each carefully selected for their individual expertise in specific product areas. The brands we partner with have a long presence in the industrial market and deep experience in their respective fields.


CNC machining centers for wood, plastics and composites

The history of FANUM dates back to the beginning of the 1990s. After years of building conventional carpentry machines, along with the advent of the CNC controllers era, they embarked on a new journey. They continuously invest in R&D, innovation and infrastructure, thanks to which they can offer more and more technically perfect products – the best CNC machines. The experience gained over the years allows FANUM to create machines with features exactly as expected by the market – solid, durable, ergonomic, efficient and safe to use.


CNC for aluminum profiles

ITALMAC produces high-end machine tools and innovative technology solutions for CNC machining for aluminum, steel, light alloys and cutting systems for door and window applications and many other industrial applications. The company was born over 20 years ago thanks to the entrepreneurial commitment of its founding partners, who have invested their long experience in the machine tool sector to found Ronco’s production unit at Minerbe, VERONA, ITALY. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of CNC machining solutions, ITALMAC machine range represents incredible quality and value.

MSGTP Italmac


Fiber lasers and fastest wood optimizers

METAL TECHNIKA exists and dynamically develops its machine portfolio for over 20 years. They manufacture and distribute professional equipment for the wood and metal industries. Their machines are the result of the highest care for quality and implementation of solutions allowing to increase the level of work safety, efficiency and ease of use. They constantly put emphasis on the development of their machine-building capabilities and are investing in the newest technology solutions. METAL TECHNIKA machines offer outstanding results at a reasonable price.

MSGTP Metal Technika


Finger Jointing Technology

GOMA is present on the market for nearly 30 years.  Over the years they have mastered wood and finger jointing technology. At present, GOMA is a construction and production team open to challenges worthy of the 21st century. The range of machines produced is systematically increasing from simple standard machines to very advanced technological lines repeatedly made only for the needs of an individual customer, characterized by unconventional parameters. They strive to be a leader in the production of woodworking machinery and equipment on the domestic market and to occupy a significant position on the international market.



All round woodworking machines

Bottene is a world-class manufacturer of optimizing cut-off saws, wood scanners, material handling, and finger joint systems. From push-cut to fully automatic throughfeed optimizing saws we have the right solution for your crosscutting needs. Their machines make it possible to work wood while optimizing its use and avoiding heavy and harmful jobs for people, restoring dignity and professionalism. Bottene design and build automatic turn-key plants that are used by the most important companies in the wood sector across the world.

MSGTP bottene


Horizontal and vertical sawmills

For close to 30 years, WIREX has been a leading Polish manufacturer of sawmill machinery and equipment based solely on the use of band saws. WIREX offers highly efficient and reliable devices for professional and industrial use. Their machines have been awarded with gold medals both at home and internationally. All can be furnished with desired extras according to your production requirements. When you decide to buy any of the sawmills we offer, you can be sure that you are purchasing the highest-quality product at a satisfactory price.



Sawmills and palllets technology

BOLDREW is a Polish family-owned manufacturer of machines and equipment for woodworking and the production of pallets. They started operating in the wood industry in 1989. The main objective of the company is to provide customers specific complex solutions and to ensure high equipment quality and immaculate performance. BOLDREW offers industrial sawmill machines and sawmill equipment. All of their machines can be specifically tailored to individual needs.

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