MSGTP Ltd. is a UK dealer of advanced CNC Machines for Multiple Applications.

Look no further if you are searching for CNC routers, high-precision CNC milling machines, CNC lathes (both vertical and carousel), CNC centering machines, or special machines for specific types of jobs. You will find all of it in our carefully selected machine catalogue.

The Beginning 

MSGTP was established to promote innovative, high-quality bespoke industrial machinery that has not been offered on the UK market yet.  We sell machines from preeminent Polish manufacturers that can compete with solutions from other well-recognized EU manufacturers. In the same way, MSGTP supplies only highly reliable and price-competitive machining solutions.

The concept behind MSGTP originated in early 2019. Prior to that, we’ve spent hundreds of hours of tireless work solving various technical problems for clients across the UK and overseas. Since we’ve worked with many, we know what the bottlenecks are and what we can do to work around them. Given these points, we are confident that our proposition on the UK market is unique, and comes as a strong advantage to what the market is currently offering. We take pride in our work and how we do it. And, by all means, we do what we are passionate about and what we do best.


Our Values

Our offer is a unique combination of on-the-ground engineering experience gained over the 10 years of working in the industry, mixed with vivid curiosity and passion for what we do. In light of that, we are experts in PPM, fixing countless failures and machine calibration. Over the years we’ve completed the assembly and installation of single machines and whole production lines. Our experience covers UK, Poland, and continental Europe. In addition to that, we offer demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the UK market reality. We have strong insights into advanced industrial machine technology. Our expertise spans an exceptionally broad range of industries. We are entrepreneurial, pragmatic, and improvement-focused. MSGTP provides personalized solutions and we are here to help you.


Our Mission – highly reliable and efficient CNC machines 

We are a UK dealer of advanced CNC machines. Further to that, we provide high-class NC machines as well, along with corresponding devices, tooling, and tools. Many of our solutions have not been offered on the UK market yet. In times of progressing automation development, we are able to meet the constantly growing needs of our clients. Therefore each and every time we will meet the highest level of service provided. All machines offered by MSGTP are configured for each client individually, come with Declarations of Conformity, full documentation, and are covered by a one-year warranty.