CNC Machine Tools for Multiple Applications

MSGTP - Who We Are ?

We are MSGTP – a Cheshire-based UK dealer of advanced CNC machine tools for metal, aluminium, wood, and plastic/composites processing. In our offer, you will also find highly reliable sawmills and other woodworking machinery. All of our machines are 100% made in Europe using the highest level of technology available. We supply the UK market only with world-class high-performing industrial machines. Rest assured, once you see what these machines are capable of, you’ll never want anything else.


We offer machines that work well for custom one-off production, batch series as well as high volume mass production. Therefore ideal when both – the uniqueness and the repeatability of each element are important. The diverse range of  MSGTP products is dedicated equally to small & medium companies and large enterprises. Workshops and individual enthusiasts will certainly find something for themselves too. 



CNC Machining

Milling and Turning

We offer machines for high precision CNC metal machining. You can choose from Fanuc, Siemens, and Mitsubishi control systems. We also have special machines, such as vertical lathes and automatic centering machines. Each CNC machine is built with care, accuracy, and the highest level of detail.



Laser and Plasma

Sheet metals cutting

Our CNC laser and plasma cutting machines use extremely innovative solutions. Characterized by extremely solid and stable bodies made using unique polymer concrete technology. Unique head design ensures reduced machine vibrations when compared to other manufactures.



Aluminium Machining

Specialized CNC centers for aluminium machining

We have a comprehensive offer of CNC machine tools designed to support aluminium processing industries. Our machines are suitable wherever it is very important to keep high-performance machining while maintaining the highest quality. Our machines serve many industries.



Woodworking Machines

CNC machining & production lines

CNC machines perfect for stairs and doors, furniture manufacturing (whole kitchens, cabinets, chairs and tables), machines for carpentry or house construction. We have 3 & 5 axis CNC routers, machines for nesting, machines for wooden arches and more.




Horizontal and vertical machines

Our range includes horizontal and vertical sawmills. Tough saws and rigid machines suitable for commercial use as well as individual enthusiasts.  All machines come in various configuration options, some are available in fully portable versions. We also offer a full range of bandsaws maintenance equipment.



Plastic & Composites

Range of 5 axis CNC machines

3,4,5 axis CNC machines perfect for plastics and composites processing. These machines are ideal for yacht building, automotive, cast-making and other industries where precision, reliability, very large working space or chemical resistance is very much needed.

CNC Machine Tools for Metal, Wood & Plastic Processing.

We’ve divided our offer into categories based on the type of processing materials. These are metal, aluminium, wood and wood based materials & plastics/composites. CNC machines for metal are for fabricating high-precision components. These will certainly meet the expectations of the most demanding customers from the automotive or aerospace sector. Our CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC laser and plasma cutting solutions are manufactured to the highest world-class standards and equipped with top-class parts and components.

Machines dedicated to aluminium machining will certainly serve many industries –  doors & windows, aluminium extrusion, railway & transportation

Fabrication of wood-based materials, making precise moulds, and all kinds of plastic composites are also at the centre of our interest. MSGTP offers solutions for modelling in 3, 4, 5, or even 6 axes, for both small and large-sized items. Our wide range of sawmills, on the other hand, will meet the needs of both private and commercial users. 

We offer advanced CNC machines

The range of our CNC machine tools offer is wide. For the most part, each can be customized precisely and exclusively to your needs. Not limited to this, we offer service support provided by our highly skilled team. Our fully trained bi-lingual engineers have first-hand contact with the producers. We provide in-depth technical assessment, advice, and servicing along with full technical know-how. Always at the highest, best-in-class standards. All of our products come with the Declaration of Conformity (CE). New machines are secured by a minimum one-year warranty granted by the manufacturer.


In addition, we do not only sell brand new machines. If you are on a budget, we can offer you used machinery solutions. These are high-quality, fully refurbished, and ready-to-work machines, to which we provide service support also. 

How we do it?

We will speak to you to understand what your business needs. Together, we’ll ensure the best possible solution for your company. We will connect you with the producer and consult you throughout the whole cycle of the machine build project. MSGTP CNC Machine Tools provide advice from the initial machine design, through transport and then assembly and installation at the site. We will cover all the training, servicing, annual maintenance, and technical support aspects. 

Finally, go ahead and check our Products – we strongly encourage you submit a direct enquiry if you are interested in any of them. Our team is here to help you – get in touch with us to find out what we can achieve together.


If you need a reliable business partner with genuinely high-performing machines and best-in-class service look no further – MSGTP CNC Machine Tools has it all.